Michael Handy and John Parlour from Kingsthorpe


Local Kingsthorpe farmer John Parlour recently hosted a field day which was well attended by local landholders concerned by the spread of this aggressive weed. African box thorn is a branched shrub growing up to 4 meters. Lateral branches end in a spine. Flowers can be white to pale lilac with fruit which is an orange –red berry during the summer.

Mr Parlour said he has been battling this weed for many years and his preferred removal method in his steep rocky county was an excavator fitted with a single tyne ripper. The ripper slides between the rocks and so doesn’t generally disturb the rocks under the surface.

Kim Campbell Principal Project Officer Biodiversity Condamine Alliance said weed hygiene played an important part in keeping weeds on your property under control. Ms Campbell said most people know that birds spread box thorn but are unaware that pests such as foxes also spread box thorn seeds.

Toowoomba Regional Council, Conservation and Pest Management Officer Jim O’Sullivan informed landholders of their Pest Management responsibilities under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management Act 2002). He also provided information on some best practice methods for the control and management of African Boxthorn.

Mr O’Sullivan saidToowoomba Regional Council is carrying out Pest Survey programs to identify priority Class 1 & 2 Pests as identified in the regions Pest Management Plan. Landholders found to be non-compliant with the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management Act 2002) may be issued with a Pest Control Notice to ensure compliance is met Mr O’Sullivan said. Mr O’Sullivan said Toowoomba Regional Council has 2 quick spray units that they can hire out to landholders to use on their properties for a minimal fee.

More events are being planned for 2016 and landholders interested in finding out more about these opportunities can contact Owena Reimers, Community Support Officer, North East Downs Landcare Croup Inc. on 0746911499.
The field day was supported by Condamine Alliance, through funding from the Queensland Government's Natural Resource Management Program.

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