The Friends of Myall Creek Landcare Group is essentially an urban Landcare Group that is based in the town of Dalby. Myall Creek is a major tributary of the Condamine River, joining the river a few kilometres south of the town.

The group has embarked upon a number of specific natural resource management projects over the past few years. Focusing on the section of Myall Creek that traverses the town of Dalby, the group has undertaken activities such as riparian restoration, weed control, plantings of appropriate native plant species, carp reduction and promotion of bank restoration and provision of off-stream watering points for stock.

Coordination of on-ground works with Greening Australia has provided for a high level of on-ground creek/riparian maintenance and until recently the group has had a high profile visible presence in Dalby.

Recent works along Myall Creek have included fishway maintenance (Edward Street weir), Myall Creek day, carp fishing competitions and riparian tree planting programs.

A recent program (Threatened Species Network funding) involves development of a management plan for the threatened bird species, the Regent Honeyeater. Appropriate native flowering plant species will be planted to enhance habitat for this vulnerable species. Unlike most other NED Landcare groups, Friends of Myall Creek has strongly focused on a critical riverine habitat in an urban environment and it is hoped that this strong focus can continue in the future.

The huge expansion of mining and coal seam gas exploration in the area to the west of Dalby is having a big effect on social issues such as housing and industrial expansion, which may lead to further pressures on Myall Creek in the future. Membership of this group has dwindled in recent years due to an aging membership and movement of members to other areas.

There is an urgent need to recruit younger members from the community in order for the group to be at the forefront of environmental management in Dalby in future years.

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