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Errol is the chair of Moola Creek Landcare Group. The Moola Creek sub-catchment is located in prime (mainly brigalow) mixed farming country to the east and north-east of Kaimkillenbun.

Errol has a patch of Brigalow/Belah scrub that was fenced off under a project administered by the Dalby Wambo Landcare Group. Fencing was carried out so that the remnant could be grazed but there have been some issues with controlled grazing and as a result it is not grazed very much now.

Birds in the remnant have been surveyed and the University of Southern Queensland has conducted small animal surveys. Unfortunately some of the trees died during the drought and fell over, even an odd Brigalow died during the drought.

Greening Australia has brought a bus full of people out to visit the remnant. Errol feels that he would like the remnant vegetation to have some public benefit.

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