Seeds of Southern Queensland (3rd ed.).

This third edition of a very popular and user-friendly book has been developed by a working group of Weed Society of Queensland members. Between them they represent local government, state government agencies, research and development companies and regional natural resource management bodies and have a great depth of weed management experience across Southern Queensland.

The 64-page A4 size book contains photos and information for 132 weeds present in Southern Queensland, along with details of control and treatment methods. Weeds of all types are covered including woody weeds, cacti and succulents, vines, groundcover and herbs, grasses, and aquatics. There is an extensive section on weed management techniques and weed hygiene.

Declared weeds are listed, together with a page on landholder obligations for control of these Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 weeds. This popular weed identification and treatment guide was designed for use by the widest possible audience, from council weed control officers through to people keen to remove weeds from their rural retreats. The book includes details of a range of techniques that can be effectively used by everyone, including information on the herbicides registered for use in different situations. Copies of the book can be obtained from your local council.

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