“Erosion Control- Let’s get to the grass roots of the problem”
Funding source- Toshiba
Administrator-  Landcare Australia

Large areas of the North East Downs Region sustained major loss of soil by flood water erosion.

By trialling a number of different grasses Landholders will be able to compare their value in reducing this risk to the environment.

The purpose of the project is to trial different grasses to slow down flood water by either controlling or eliminating soil erosion, improving water quality and reducing turbidity in streams.  It is estimated that approximately 100 hectares of soil will be “protected” by the grass trials.

The community will be able to access the grass trial sites. There will be a field trip to the sites involving members of the community and Landcare Groups.

A case study leaflet and fact sheets will be developed for distribution. It is anticipated that the trials will help landholders make an informed decision on how to best manage the areas of their properties at risk from soil erosion due to flooding.

The project is expected to be completed by July 2012

North East Downs Landcare Public Fund

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